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Visionary Spotting Scopes

The V80 high resolution angled scope features BAK4 prisms, rubber armour, full waterproofing and fully coated lenses for a bright and natural colour image. This model comes complete with case and table tripod (and can be used with any standard photo/video tripod), has a rubber eyecup and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Like all of the Visionary spotting scope range, the eyepiece is built in and can not be changed later, this is not really a disadvantage as the zoom covers every magnification normally needed.

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This page updated: 15 May 2022
Visionary V80 Angled
Dimensions: LxWxH430x95x150mm
Case / StrapCarry case
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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M Cooke
10/08/2007 15:09:16
Any idea when these will arrive in stock and would it be possible to come and see through one?


eebc - Chris.
10/08/2007 15:12:49
We are hoping to get the Visionary Angled spotting scope by the end of the Month.

When they are in stock, it is not problem if you want to have a look at one, just give us a ring to make sure we still have stock before travelling.

Iain Kelly
18/08/2008 09:25:06
I am looking a Spotting Scope for general use, live close to the sea and want to look at boats, birds etc.

Would this lens be suitable?

eebc - Chris.
18/08/2008 10:59:49
Yes, the Visionary V80 would be ideal for looking at boats, birds etc.

The large zoom enables quick identification of the subject at the bottom end of its magnification (20x), which can then be increased (all the way to 60x, if necessary) to have a good look at the subject.

We have sold quite a few of these to people who have property overlooking the coast.

Joan Jenkyns
02/10/2008 14:40:22
What is the minimum distance that this telescope can produce a sharply focused image?

eebc - Chris.
02/10/2008 15:08:24
The manufacturers do not list minimum focusing in the specifications for this product.

However, I have just had a look though one of the Visionary V80 Angled scopes and I would say the minimum focusing is around 25-30 feet.

mick whitby
01/06/2010 17:37:33
do you stock the tripod to fit the visionary v80.

eebc - Jamie.
01/06/2010 17:44:34
The Visionary V80 comes with a small table top tripod in the box.

The scope has a standard 1/4" Whitworth tripod thread, so almost any tripod will fit it.

We currently have Pyser and Slik tripods in stock which will fit the V80.

09/10/2010 15:13:50
Hi I m a keen shooter and need a half decent spotting scope that could be used up to at least 600m
Or which of your budget scopes would you recommend ?
Thanks Rob

eebc - Chris
09/10/2010 15:45:01
We have sold both the Visionary V80 and V60 models for target shooting, although the smaller V60 model tands to be used for shorter distances.

Based upon what other shooters have said, I would think the Visionary V80 would be ideal, it has a good magnification range, clear image, but is also waterproofed (which in this country is always handy!).

The only criticism, which may, or may not be an issue for you, is that it does not rotate in the tripod mounting ring which some of the more expensive scopes do.
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