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ROR Accessories

Until now, lens cleaners have been for the most part, simply silicone, alcohol or glycerin based products. Instead of removing the embedded pollution from the pores and surface of a lens, they coated it, thereby defeating the original intention.

ROR has redefined the science of lens care by utilizing a formula of natural ingredients that finally removes the counterproductive, ineradicable microscopic oil residues from the surface and pores of glass and plastic.

ROR is not a lens cleaner in the usual sense. It goes a step beyond routine cleaning. ROR means Residual Oil Remover and was specifically designed to emulsify and remove the microscopic film of oil that is caused by environmental pollution.

When you clean a lens with ROR, you will observe a measurable difference in brightness and clarity of your lens. For the first time you will experience pollution free, unimpeded vision. Because ROR removes microscopic oil residues, dust has nothing to adhere to and the surface of the lens remains clean longer.

Can be used on:
Spotting scopes
Night Vision Optics
Camera lenses
Camera surfaces (metal and plastic)
Video Camera lenses
Video Camera surfaces (metal and plastic)
Microscope lenses
Projection lenses
LCD Displays
Television, Computer and Studio Monitors
Flat Screen TV sets
Enlarging lenses
Medical lenses
Cell Phone Screens
CD and DVD disks
VCR Heads

Ror is supplied in 2oz (59.1ml) bottles with a spray top applicator.

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This page updated: 16 February 2024
ROR 2oz Lens Cleaner
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Bill Baker, Norwich.
16/08/2007 16:40:45
This stuff is great!

I got some with a pair of Swift Audubon last week, I have used it on what seems like half the stuff in the house! It is great on LCD monitors and sons Sony PSP has not been so clean in he got it.

eebc - Jamie
16/08/2007 16:58:24
Agreed, it is some kind of wonder cleaner!

I used it on one of our backup CDs which was unreadable, cleaned it up, dropped it in a PC and it worked fine (but I made a copy of it just in case!)
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