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Visionary Spotting Scopes

The Visionary V80 high resolution straight scope features BAK4 prisms, rubber armour, full waterproofing and fully coated lenses for a bright and natural colour image. This model comes complete with case and table tripod (and can be used with any standard photo/video tripod), has a rubber eyecup and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Like all of the Visionary spotting scope range, the eyepiece is built in and can not be changed later, this is not really a disadvantage as the zoom covers every magnification normally needed.

Stock Availability: Out of stock. ETA Unknown

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This page updated: 15 May 2022
Visionary V80 Straight
Dimensions: LxWxH465x95x120mm
Case / StrapCarry case
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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Peter Young
20/09/2007 09:59:54
I got one of these last week, they are great for watching aircraft.

Thanks for the quick delivery.

eebc - Jamie.
20/09/2007 10:12:31
The Visionary V80 spotting scopes really are very good, glad you like yours.

04/12/2007 23:04:52
These are great, I got one for my sons birthday - now I have just ordered myself one so we can both have a good look at the wildlife at our local reserve.

eebc - Jamie.
05/12/2007 11:38:35
Glad you like them, the image amazing considering price.

26/01/2008 10:45:43
What is the closest distance the scope will focus on clearly.
and what will be the delivery charge to France.

eebc - Chris.
26/01/2008 11:24:56
The manufacturers do not specify a minimum focusing distance. Having just looked through one, the minimum is around 30 feet, however this can only be used as a guide, everyone has different eyes and some maybe able to focus nearer, others not as close.

Shipping to France would be £20.00

j p mellon
25/11/2008 20:48:16
can this scope be used for digiscoping

eebc - Chris.
26/11/2008 11:18:41
Yes, although we have never tried it.

The manufacturers have a webpage dedicated to this subject on their website - available here This includes a link to their various camera adaptors.

We have their Camera Adaptor L in stock - full details Here

04/07/2011 14:59:13
Just purchased from you Visionary V80. So far so good.

Please advise a suitable single pod or tripod and would I need any fittings?

Thank you

eebc - Chris.
05/07/2011 11:14:54
Glad you are getting on OK with the scope.

The Visionary V80 has a standard 1/4" ~Whitworth tripod thread, so any tripod/monopod should fit it without any problem.

The tripods it works well with are the
Pyser Lander and the Olivon

The Pyser Lander is a bit lighter than the Olivon, which may be important if you intend carrying it any distance, although the extra weight the Olivon has maes it very sturdy.

We are currently out of stock of monopods, we have some of the Optical Hardware M5 ones coming in soon (please note, this product is not currently shown on our indexes as we have to confirm the specifications when they arrive).

21/03/2018 09:36:26
hi, I understand these are marketed as with a non removable eyepiece but has anyone actually removed the eyepiece ?
How is it fixed? if one needed to remove for cleaning how would one remove ? is it glued in? thanks

eebc - Jamie
21/03/2018 11:44:48
Thank you for your inquiry.

I think they are glued in to help with the waterproofing, but not sure.

Best people to ask would be the manufacturers, there is a link just below the item description.
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