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Helios Monoculars

This traditional spyglass would not look out of place in the hands of Nelson himself!

The Helios Admiral has four extendable telescopic sections and zoom magnification from 10x to 30x. The zoom is operated by twisting a control ring made of copper. This model is supplied with a very attractive solid Mahogany felt lined presentation/storage box (click on Box Photo link below)

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This page updated: 02 August 2022
Helios Admiral
Dimensions: Length332mm
Case / StrapBox
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
Accessories for Helios Admiral
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15/07/2007 09:58:03
Does this actualy work or is it an ornament


eebc - Jamie.
15/07/2007 11:19:00
The Helios brass telescope actually works!

The optical quality is brilliant, but is perfectly acceptable for a bit of general useage. The best quality image is at the low end of the zoom (10x), but that is the same for most zoom products.

Dale M
10/02/2008 11:51:14
I got one of these a little while ago for use as a stage prop, the kids loved it! They now want to do Long John Silver!

eebc - Jamie
11/02/2008 09:59:47
Glad to have inspired them!

17/12/2017 11:34:27
Hi. can you tell me if the optics are good enough for occasional solar system and star gazing please.

eebc - Jamie
17/12/2017 14:20:33
In all honesty, not really. You should be OK looking at the moon (it is quite bright), but planets would be much more difficult to see.
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