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Opticron Monoculars

With the ability to close focus to 30cm (12 inches), the 8x20 Gallery Scope is an excellent tool for macro study of wildlife, printed circuit boards etc.

In addition to its close focus, the monocular can be used as a traditional monocular and will happily focus on objects far away.

The Opticron Gallery has an excellent image quality, it is both sharp and crisp with excellent colour transmission.

Supplied with a strap, case and a 30 year guarantee.

Stock Availability: Available from stock

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   Northern Ireland
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   U. S. A.
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This page updated: 17 February 2021
Opticron Gallery
Field of View (°)6.8°
Twilight Factor12.65
Min Focusing0.3m
Eye Relief12mm
Exit Pupil Size2.50mm
Dimensions: HxW100x34mm
Case / StrapYes
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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Tomas Jackson
13/05/2007 10:56:09
What sort of size subject can you see at the minimum focusing distance? We will need something to look at circuit boards and if the field of view is too narrow I can get lost following the tracks.

eebc - Jamie.
13/05/2007 11:16:44
We have sold a number of these for that very purpose, one organisation has bought several lots, so we can assume that they are happy with them.

At the closest focusing a postage stamp will fit neatly into the image area, the image area would be a bit bigger than the length of a stamp. Hope this makes sense! If you need a more accurate guide, make another enquiry and I will have a look through one and point it at a rule!

Michael Harrison
27/08/2009 00:33:41
I have a similar item to this product which I have had for many year. I wondered if you carried out repairs or could advise me of anywhere I could get it repaired?

eebc - Jamie
29/08/2009 09:07:52
I have asked the repair centre we deal with, and they would be willing to have a look at it, the only problem would be one of economics - it is likely to cost a similar price to the one listed here to actually repair.

19/11/2010 13:35:27
To purchase and ship this to the US, what would the various costs be? Thanks.

eebc - Jamie
19/11/2010 15:26:36
We do not charge any extra to ship monoculars to Great Britain, British Commonwealth countries or the U. S. A.

Items exported from the EEC can be done so without paying the local taxes, this would currently reduce the price to £55.32

There may be an import duty to pay in your country, you should contact your local customs authority to confirm if this is the case.

30/11/2010 02:09:14
I see it has been ten days since I asked my last question and placed my order. Ten days for a package to clear customs and be delivered to the US from the UK. That s great service. I will not hesitate to order from East of England in the future. As far as the monocular goes, I was only able to try it in the dim twilight following sunset. My initial impression is that the optics are very good. It is well built, and the distance scale on the side of the lens barrel is reminiscent of the high quality camera lenses of the 1960 s. While being compact, it is a comfortable size to hold. This helps to keep it steady and minimize blur. I hope my initial impression helps others to decide on what is right for them.

eebc - Chris
02/12/2010 16:41:03
Thank you for your comments.

I see what you mean about the distance scale, it does look like the depth of focus scale on a camera lens.

Glad you are happy with the monocular.

D Wilkes
07/01/2015 19:08:21
I need a monocular for walking travels etc not sure between the gallery 8x20 opticron or the 8x30
Mainly needed for long distance but I see that the 8x30 comes in at 252g as opposed to the gallery at 100g.
The gallery scope is also a little smaller.
Weight and size is a major consideration but would a gallery 8x20 work well outdoors?

eebc - Chris.
08/01/2015 11:07:23
The Opticron Gallery is much smaller than the 8x30 (the 8x30 is also waterproof, so that tends to add to the weight and bulk). Think of the Gallery being around the size of a packet of mints (Polo or extra-Strong), whilst the 8x30 is more like the size of the cardboard tube inside a toilet roll.

The bigger monocular would give a brighter image, particularly at dawn and dusk or on overcast days, but for the majority of the time, the Gallery should be adequate.

If size and weight are a major consideration, I would go for the Gallery, it weighs next to nothing (100 grammes is the maximum weight of a letter you can send with a standard postage stamp)
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