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Opticron Accessories

Supplied in pairs, these soft rubber objective lens caps are an ideal replacement for lost covers.

Fit binoculars with an outer diameter of 44-46mm (note this is not the objective lens size, but the actual diameter of the binoculars).

The soft rubber stretches and provides a good firm fit. The retaining ring ensures that they are not lost!

(We get loads of emails and phone calls asking if we sell lens caps in different sizes, yes we do, just click on the "Accessories" button above, they are all about half way down the page)

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This page updated: 02 August 2022
Opticron Rubber Lens Caps 44-46
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Angie Bentley
17/03/2021 12:10:35
Good afternoon,
I hope I have measured diameter properly
On our Hawke NatureTrek 8x32 binoculars and
Plan to order 44-46 lens caps. Is it possible
To exchange for slightly bigger/smaller if not?

eebc - Jamie
17/03/2021 12:41:40
Yes, that is not problem.

We regularly have lens caps returned for the next size up or down - binoculars are not that easy to measure, unless you have a proper set of calipers.
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