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Opticron Accessories

Supplied in pairs, these soft rubber objective lens caps are an ideal replacement for lost covers.

Fit binoculars with an outer diameter of 38-39mm (note this is not the objective lens size, but the actual diameter of the binoculars).

The soft rubber stretches and provides a good firm fit. The retaining ring ensures that they are not lost!

(We get loads of emails and phone calls asking if we sell lens caps in different sizes, yes we do, just click on the "Accessories" button above, they are all about half way down the page)

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This page updated: 02 August 2022
Opticron Rubber Lens Caps 38-39
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05/12/2017 11:26:28
Would the rubber lens cap 38-39 be suitable to be used as eyepiece caps?

eebc - Chris
06/12/2017 11:28:24
Yes, we have sold a number of the smaller lens caps for use as eyepiece covers. One customer did report that they cut off the retaining bands as they preferred to take the eyepiece caps off completely, rather than have them dangling about when in use.

Colin Matthews
04/01/2020 15:12:15
The diameter of my bin lens is 39mm that is the outside and not the actual lens size

eebc - Chris
04/01/2020 16:26:17
Yes, 39mm is the outside diameter of the binoculars.

The actual lens size would probably be somewhere around 30 or 32mm

23/07/2020 14:45:01
I have lost one of the caps that go over the eyepieces of a pair of binoculars, and I'd like to find a matching pair of new ones. The internal diameter of the remaining cap is 38mm. The internal depth of the cap is 9mm. Do you have a pair of caps which would fit my binoculars? In case it helps the binoculars in question is a Ranger County, 10 x 40. Hope you can help! Many thanks, Nick.

eebc - Jamie
24/07/2020 12:50:46
Thank you for your inquiry.

The only replacement caps we have in the size you mention are shown on this page, which although designed for the objective lens, quite a few people have bought them to use to cover eyepieces.

If you are anywhere near Lincoln, feel free to bring the binoculars and we will try the above lens caps and see how well they fit.

We do not have any of the original style hard plastic lens caps.
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