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Zenith Microscopes

deal for ordinary and advanced level biology studies. The Zenith ULTRA-400 BLX is a purpose built teaching instrument finished to a very high standard, combining excellent optical performance and a very reliable, modern, user-friendly design with a mechanical construction designed to withstand the rigours or everyday heavy classroom use.

The Zenith Ultra-400 BLX features high quality DIN standard optics, anti-tamper safety features included locked on eyepiece and stage clips, slip clutch on the coarse focus movement to prevent over focussing and an adjustable focus stop to prevent damage to glass microslides and objective lenses.

Highly recommended.

Magnification Range x40, x100, x400, x1000
DIN Achromatic Objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65), 100R(1.25) oil immersion (R=retractable)
x10 widefield eyepiece with pointer (18mm field)
Binocular Head
ABBE Condenser (N.A. 1.25) in spiral focusing mount with iris diaphragm
Quadruple Nosepiece Turret
Built in 230v 20w illumination (colour corrected with daylight blue filter)

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This page updated: 26 November 2023
Zenith Ultra 400 BLX
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ROR 2oz Lens Cleaner £9.99

04/02/2016 19:21:36
i used one of these good microscope.

how long for deliery to london?

eebc - Chris
05/02/2016 09:45:25
If you ordered one today (Friday), you should get in Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
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