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Pyser Tripods

Quick Release plate for:

Pyser 510 / Pyser 520
Visionary T830
Lander / F1rst 830


Stock Availability: Out of stock - no details of expected delivery

Price shown includes VAT and SHIPPING for this item to: Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 03 June 2022
Pyser Quick Release Plate
Legs BracedNo
Case / StrapNo
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping

John Stringer
28/09/2020 10:59:44
Hi I have lost the quick release plate for my Lander L830 video tripod does this one fit

eebc - Jamie
28/09/2020 11:52:45
Yes, this fits the Lander T830/L830 (or F1rst, or Pyser depending upon which branding is on the tripod)

David Goadby
16/05/2022 00:44:36
Have you any idea when you will be getting stock of this part?

eebc - Jamie
16/05/2022 09:42:54
I am not sure we will be getting anymore - there were three separate suppliers for Pyser/Lander/F1rst tripods and spare parts, none of which is currently supplying either the tripods or the spares.

If we can find a supplier, we will order more parts, but currently this looks unlikely.
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