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Opticron Accessories

Supplied in pairs, these soft rubber objective lens caps are an ideal replacement for lost covers.

Fit binoculars with an outer diameter of 56-58mm (note this is not the objective lens size, but the actual diameter of the binoculars).

The soft rubber stretches and provides a good firm fit. The retaining ring ensures that they are not lost!

(We get loads of emails and phone calls asking if we sell lens caps in different sizes, yes we do, just click on the "Accessories" button above, they are all about half way down the page)

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This page updated: 02 August 2022
Opticron Rubber Lens Caps 56-58
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16/05/2010 14:48:20
Just double checking on these lens caps. We have opticron countryman BGA binoculars, 10x50. The external measurement of the objective lenses seems to be 56mm, so I assume these would be ok for the job? Please could you advise?
Many thanks

eebc - Jamie
17/05/2010 16:25:04
These lens caps should fit the Opticron 10x50, I have tried them on other models as we do not have the Countryman in stock at the moment and they fit quite well.

15/06/2010 22:25:58
I own a pair of Bushnell H20 10x42 that has a rubberised coating (very similar to the Opticron Countryman MC shown on your website) with an external diameter of 56mm, are you aware whether a set of these caps will fit?
Regards, Jonathan

eebc - Chris.
16/06/2010 11:57:19
We do not stock that particular model of Bushnell, so can not actually try a pair on them, but they should fit.

These lens caps are for 56-62mm, and they do fit those sizes quite well. If your binoculars were a little smaller, I would say that they would not even be worth trying (they would just fall off), but with 56mm they should be OK.

30/09/2010 12:45:40
I have some Barska 10x50 and the total lens size is 62mm, I am I going to get frustrated trying to squeeze these on? Or are they fairly easy to take on and off?

eebc - Chris.
30/09/2010 13:19:18
The only way to tell for sure is to try them, they should fit, but will be a fairly tight fit on a 62mm pair of binoculars.

They are normally easier to take off as they have a little flap of rubber which you can get hold of and "peel" them off.

12/07/2011 11:28:24
I have a pair of Inpro Optics 8x56, do you have any end caps that would fit an OD of 66mm?

eebc - Jamie
12/07/2011 13:28:37
These are currently the largest replacement lens caps we can get hold of.

Sorry, we do not have any that are as big as you need.

13/09/2011 09:28:55
hi, i have a pair of Opticron DBA OASIS binoculars but am missing one of the end lens caps.

can you advise what size lens caps I would need to order from you in order to replace these?


eebc - Chris
13/09/2011 11:23:16
We do not stock this model of binoculars, but would assume it is the same size as the Oasis monocular (which takes a 50mm lens cap), in which case, the Opticron 48-52m Rubber Lens Caps should fit.

Measure the size in millimeters across the objective lens to confirm before ordering.

15/11/2011 16:53:57

eebc - Jamie
15/11/2011 17:00:31
They should fit your binoculars quite tightly, you never know until you try, but I would think that they will be ok.

If the Pentax are rubber covered, they tend to cling on a bit tighter.

03/04/2012 19:38:54
I want a lens cap to fit over a 62mm tamarin
Telephoto lens (70-300mm focal length).
Actually I want to be able to cut centre out
To attach a star analyzer diffraction grating
For stellar spectroscopy.
Will this cap fit over a 62mm diameter
Lens and be easy to cut centre out?
Kind regards

eebc - Jamie
05/03/2012 12:00:59
Thank you for your enquiry.

These lens caps will not stretch to 62mm. I have had a quick look through a few catalogues and can not find anything that will be suitable for your requirements.

My only suggestion would be to buy the cheapest 62mm filter you can and modify it (remove the glass, replace with a bit of plastic or something and drill or cut a hole the required size in the centre).

Sorry we can not be of much help with your project.

14/03/2012 19:51:53
Will any of your lens caps fit a pair of 10x50 Super Zenith wide angle (Field 7 degree) binoculars which I ve just inherited? Colour needed is black. Thank you.

eebc - Jamie
15/03/2012 09:12:24
Thank you for your enquiry.

These lens caps will probably fit, the only way to tell for sure would be to try them.

Please feel free to bring your binoculars in and we will try a pair on your binoculars.

13/08/2012 12:24:34
I have a pair of Steiner 10x56mm Nighthunter XP, will these lens caps fit these binoculars? also, what will be the cost of shipping to Brisbane, Australia? Cheers

eebc - Chris
13/08/2012 15:45:25
Thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately as we do not stock the Steiner Nighthunter range, the only answer I can give is that I do not know.

They do fit most x56 binoculars, but Steiner tend to be a bit chunkier than most. The lens caps will fit binoculars upto 60mm diameter, a lot of people just stick a rule across the front of their binoculars and measure them, others put them on a piece of paper, draw around the front and then measure that.

Sorry I can not give you a definitive answer.

Shipping would add £1.50 and be via Airmail.

21/01/2013 20:06:11
Did you have any lens covers that are larger than the 56-60 shown?

eebc - Jamie
22/01/2013 09:27:59
Thank you for your enquiry.

We do not have any lens caps larger than the ones shown. We can sometimes order original lens caps from the manufacturers, if it is a company we normally deal with.

Brian Martin
19/03/2013 12:43:56
Hello could you tell me if these fit the Vanguard Endeavour 10.5x45 please.

cheers Brian

eebc - Chris.
19/03/2013 13:12:29
I have just tried them on a pair of Vanguard Endeavor.

The fit fine, they are a little deeper than the original Vanguard ones and the retaining belt is a bit tighter.

02/08/2013 13:36:16
I m looking for stay-on caps to fit my 8x56 impro s, the o.d. is 66mm, can you help or do you know where I can get them from?

eebc - Jamie
02/08/2013 16:58:44
Sorry, we have not got any lens caps big enough.

I do not know of anyone who supplies them.

Sorry we can not be of much help with this (they must be available from somewhere, the binoculars came with them!)

17/09/2013 08:14:06
I know it says 60mm but do you think these would stretch to 62mm or is there anything similar available that would?
thenks John

eebc - Jamie
17/09/2013 09:25:54
To be honest, I doubt that they would stretch that far, at 60mm they can be quite hard to get on.

We do not have any lens caps that would fit 62mm, the only option would be to contact the manufacturer of your binoculars and try to get a pair of original lens caps.

david brake
10/08/2014 20:02:57
Hi I ve recently purchased canon 18x50is binoculars and I m looking for rubber lens caps but to fit 64mm. Could you advise me on a product you may have or something else i may try. Thanks.

eebc - Chris
11/08/2014 09:33:56
Sorry, we have not got any lens caps of that size.

The biggest we have are the ones a couple of lines down, the Opticron 60-62mm ones.

Juan Carlos
16/01/2017 10:17:52
The lens caps 56-58mm fits perfect perfect in the binoculars Canon 12x36 IS III, Chris thanks for the service and speed shipp to Spain

eebc - Chris
16/01/2017 15:19:41
Thanks for your comments, I am sure other Canon users will find them useful.

Less than a week to Spain, good to know.

22/08/2017 16:54:29
I have a monocular with tube 57mm diameter so wondering if you can sell these lens caps in singles?? stay on lens cap 56-58mm

eebc - Jamie
22/08/2017 18:22:43
Sorry - we only have these in pairs.
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