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Visionary Tripods

The Visionary VT70 tripod is a full sized, light weight tripod. It is ideal for binoculars and scopes upto 70mm objective.

The Visionary VT70 has a three way pan and tilt head with spirit level (making it good for photographic use as well), it also has a very handy handle for easy transport when folded down. The lags are braced and the feet are attached to the tripod via ball and socket connections, this allows the feet to get maximum contact to the ground even on uneven surfaces.

A hook is provided on the bottom of the centre column to add weight (to increase stability) if needed.

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This page updated: 15 May 2022
Visionary VT70
Head Type3 way
Leg sections3
Legs BracedYes
Length Folded645mm
Max Height1660mm
Leg tipsPlastic
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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17/01/2010 22:00:35
Will this tripod work well with the visionary v80 telescope?

eebc - Chris
18/01/2010 09:06:19
It should be fine, we have actually had the larger V100 scopes on this tripod without any problems.

20/01/2010 21:13:03
if you had to, would you recommend this or the pyser 510 (regardless of price) i am worried about whether the pyser may be awkward to carry.

eebc - Chris.
21/01/2010 10:52:08
I would probably go for the Pyser as it feels a bit more sturdy than the Visionary.

Carrying should not pose a problem, it is just a matter of finding a comfortable way to carry it - people who use cameras tend to wind the head up a little bit and carry it by the column, those with scopes tend to leave the scope on the tripod and carry it with the scope over their shoulder (somewhere near their ear) and put their hands under the bottom of the legs somwehere around their waist. I am not sure I explained that very well, but you will get the hang of carrying a tripod.

25/04/2010 04:10:27
Would these take my Revelation 15x70 binoculars comfortably? They weigh about 1.4kg and came with a heavy duty L bracket.

eebc - Chris.
26/04/2010 09:40:41
We do not sell Revelation binoculars, but the Visionary VT70 tripod will take the Visionary 20x80 binoculars, which I would think would be around the same size, probably a bit heavier.
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