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Opticron Accessories

Rainguard will fit most makes / models of binoculars.

It has an eyelet on the left side to allow fixing to the binoculars strap if required and is made from slightly flexible plastic.

Internal dimensions 114mm (length) x 43mm (width) x 18mm (height).

This should fit binoculars with an eyepiece 43mm or less.

Stock Availability: Out of stock

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This page updated: 02 August 2022
Opticron Rainguard BGA 43mm
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Jim White
20/09/2007 09:58:03
I was a bit doubtful, putting what looks like a roof prism rainguard on a pair of Swift Audubon, but you were right, it fits and works a treat.

eebc - Jamie
20/09/2007 10:11:07
Glad it works ok.

Phil H
02/12/2007 23:03:12
Hi, my Nikon Monarch 10x42s have a very poor set of rainguards that are too large and are loose, will the opticron rainguards be a firm fit?


eebc - Chris,
03/12/2007 13:04:46
Thank you for your enquiry.

As we do not sell any N.ikon products, we can not try the rainguard and have no idea as to how well it will fit.

My only suggestion would be to measure the eyepieces and compare the results to the dimensions listed above.

Sorry I can not be of much help with this one.

Howard Evans
16/05/2008 13:24:23
Looking for one peice rainguard to fit Canon 18x50is O.D is about 48mm. Also keen price for Nikon 14x40 Stabileyes. Thanks.

eebc - Chris
16/05/2008 13:36:55
Unfortunately, this item will not fit your binoculars, it is too small.

27/07/2009 09:30:53
Will it be suitable for Swift Ultra Lite 10x42 please? Thanks a lot.

eebc - Chris.
27/07/2009 10:30:00
Yes, it will be fine.

I have just tried one on a pair of Swift Ultralites and it fits better than the original Swift one.

Josef Holzbecher
24/08/2010 16:42:57
Will this fit eye piece diameter 34 mm ?

eebc - Jamie
24/08/2010 16:52:22
It will fit over the eyepieces, but would be very loose, some people prefer rainguards to be very loose, others prefer them to be tight like the original lens caps.

It does have a loop for the binoculars strap to go through, to prevent it coming off and getting lost.

lorna monje
30/12/2011 14:34:28
Just thought I would mention it but have just bought Opticron rain guard for 80x50 Cannon Binoculars and the 45.5mm fit OK they come in different sizes these are the biggest!

eebc - Chris
30/12/2011 16:32:43
Thanks for the info.

Happy New Year!

Rod B
19/02/2012 23:53:34
Will these fit Swift Ultralite 8 x 42 - Model No: 961G?

eebc - Jamie
20/02/2012 09:39:08
According to a question/reply (27/07/2009) further up the list, they fit the 10x42 model, so should fit the 8x42 as they are both physically the same size.

30/06/2012 14:24:24
Would this rain guard be suitable for the Opticron 8x32 Traveller binoculars. also could you recommend lens covers for same.
Regards CS.

eebc - Jamie
30/06/2012 15:35:08
Opticron have a smaller version of this rainguard for the Traveller binoculars, we do not keep these in stock but can order them.

Lens caps are available as spare parts from Opticron, as such they are not in our price list, but I think that they are around £10-£15 for a pair.

Just give us a call sometime and we will get the bits ordered for you.

D. Anderson
11/01/2015 12:25:00
do you have a lens cap and rain guard to fit a leupold cascade bx-42, 8x42

eebc - Chris.
11/01/2015 14:22:50
Having just tried various lens caps and rainguards on a pair of Leupold BX-2 8x42 I can confirm:

The lens caps that fit the best are the Opticron Rubber Lens Caps 50-52mm

The Opticron Rainguard shown on this page (the 43mm one) fits just like the original Leupold one.

We obviously have both of the above in stock at present.

04/12/2015 16:19:24
Good review. I have tried out the Opticron recently as well as Swasroski I think the former optics is just as good

eebc - Jamie
04/12/2015 16:47:30
That is what we have been saying for years - unfortunately not many believe us!

Tony Dean
02/06/2016 13:24:59
Very prompt service - thanks. The Rainguard is a somewhat better fit on my Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 bins than the looser original eyepiece protectors! (which seem very difficult to replace from Nikon).

eebc - Jamie
02/06/2016 14:35:59
Thank you for your comments. Glad it fitted ok.

We always seem to be sending out rainguards and lens caps for Monarch binoculars, they must be supplied with fairly loose ones. (Good for us I suppose!)

We hear comments about the difficulty getting manufacturers original parts all the time, I think it is usually a case of 50/50 blame between the manufacturers and the dealers. The manufacturers do not help by having fixed minimum order amounts, but the dealers could offer to add spare accessories onto their next order on the understanding it may be a month or so before they could get them. (Again, good for us)

Alwyne Jenkins
08/10/2017 20:35:02
Will this rainguard fit Bushnell Excursion 8x42 binoculars

eebc - Jamie
09/10/2017 09:51:17
We do not stock the model you specify so it is impossible to say with absolute certainty, but it should fit.

J. Whittaker
02/11/2017 16:53:37
Will this fit a Bushnell binoculors 10 X 42mm?

eebc - Jamie
03/11/2017 09:38:37
Yes, it should do.

(Please note, we are out of stock of this item at the moment)
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