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Visionary Spotting Scopes

The V60 high resolution angled scope features BAK4 prisms, rubber armour, full waterproofing and fully coated lenses for a bright and natural colour image. This model comes complete with case and table tripod (and can be used with any standard full sized photo/video tripod), has a rubber eyecup and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Like all of the Visionary spotting scope range, the eyepiece is built in and can not be changed later, this is not really a disadvantage as the zoom covers every magnification normally needed.

The Visionary V60 is an ideal starters scope for bird and wildlife watching, the zoom eyepiece makes this a very versitile instrument.

We have taken some photographs though the straight version of this scope, they are available by clicking here

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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This page updated: 07 February 2018
Visionary V60 Angled
Dimensions: LxWxH370x175x80mm
Case / StrapYes
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This item has discontinued accessories associated with it. We have decided to display these accessories in the table to the right. We regularly get asked for details of discontinued accessories, to be honest, we are not sure why, but hopefully clearly showing the discontinued accessories will be of help Discontinued Accessories for Visionary V60 Angled
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Ken Masters
10/08/2007 15:08:14
I have got one of these for target shooting, my friends with expensive Kowa and Leica scopes are always amazed at how little I paid when they see how good the image is.

eebc - Jamie
10/08/2007 15:10:47
Thank you for your comments.

We only recently started selling these scopes, we looked around several manufacturers and though the Visionary range represented fantastic value for money.

02/09/2007 17:21:50
very good value for money especially for people looking for a first scope

eebc - Chris.
03/09/2007 10:42:11
Thank you for your comments, the Visionary scopes really do have an excellent image and as you say, represent good value for money.

Paul McWilliams
19/11/2007 22:29:45
Can you tell me what the V60 angled weighs please?

eebc - Jamie.
20/11/2007 18:19:39
Visionary do not specify this information in their specifications. We normally weigh the items ourselves, but our scales are broken. They are somewhere around 900g, as soon as we get some more scales, I will weigh one and list it in out specifications.

Kev C
13/10/2008 11:58:24
Hi, I m looking for a hi powered scope for general use (wildlife spotting,boat,aircraft e.t.c) question is can this scope be used hand held or is this not practical with these kind of scopes.

eebc - Chris
13/10/2008 12:30:05
Generally, hand holding spotting scopes is not possible.

Some people can hand hold them, but not many.

If you can rest your elbows on something solid, then they can be used at the lower magnifications (probably upto about 30x) but the higher magnifications require a tripod.

John Evans
25/05/2009 18:15:04
Two questions please; 1. Is the body of this scope body metal or polycarbonate? 2. Do you stock a monopod that can be used as a "rifle" style support for a scope. I saw one of these at an RSPB optics demo some time ago, but can t find one on any internet sites.

eebc - Jamie
25/05/2009 19:45:20
Sorry - no idea about the construction materials used in the scope, it is covered in rubber so I can not tell.

We do not stock shoulder pods. Cullmann, who we get a few accessories from, do them. They can be seen on Newpros website or a better image can be seen on B and H website.

I must admit, I have never tried a shoulder pod with a scope, I would think it would be ok for the lower magnifications (20-30x), not so sure about the higher magnifications.

08/08/2016 11:17:42
Excellent scope. I got the Visionary from you when I went to RAF Waddington a couple of years ago, could not quite work out why there were on sale there for fifty quid more than you were selling them for!

Its good im really happy with it.

eebc - Chris
09/08/2016 10:41:43
I went to RAF Waddington open day a few years ago and was amazed at how much various companies were asking for what I know are really cheap optics. One method was to sell a companies low cost range, for the retail price of the more expensive range.

Then I saw the prices that were charged for a stand at the event, it was literally in the thousands, even with the really high prices, they must have to sell literally hundreds of items over the weekend to break even. I suppose they must be making money otherwise they would not bother.

eebc - Jamie
25/10/2016 17:54:16
Sorry for the delay in replying, for some reason inquiries from our website have been classified as "junk" hopefully we have fixed it now.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not specify the eye relief in any of their specifications.

The eyepiece has a rubber eyecup approximately 10mm deep that can be folded back to allow spectacles to get close to the ocular lens. We have sold a number of these to people with glasses without any problems, however everyone is different and it is a case of not knowing how well it would work, until you actually try it.

We have them in stock, if you are anywhere close, come and have a look at one and see how well it works.
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