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Kowa Spotting Scopes

The new Kowa TSN880 series set a new standard for spotting scopes and make full use of recent improvements in optic technology. The Kowa TSN884 makes use of Kowa’s "Prominar" lenses to eliminate chromatic aberration.

All of the TSN770 and TSN880 series use the same eyepieces, which provide the same magnification, field of view and eye relief no matter which scope they are used on.

The Kowa TSN884 spotting scope is constructed from Magnesium alloy which is both durable and lightweight.

Truely excellent image quality on the Kowa TSN884.

Stock Availability: Delivery 5-7 days

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This page updated: 15 May 2022
Kowa TSN884 Straight Fluorite
Min Focusing5m
Dimensions: Length329mm
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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20/10/2012 20:43:02
I have a Canon 5D mark II, what does it needs for connection to Kowa TSN884. Thanks.

eebc - Chris
20/10/2012 21:34:54
Thank you for your enquiry.

Have a quick look at Kowa's guide [Link]

The method Kowa use for attaching SLR cameras to scopes, is to remove the eyepiece and put on an adaptor with integrated optics.

Kowa lists three (our Kowa price list shows two):
TSN-PZ - zoom adaptor 680-1000mm** around £450
TSN-PA6 - 600mm** around £430
TSN-PA2D - 950mm price unknown.

**From memory, your camera has a proper 35mm, full sized CMOS sensor (apologies if it does not, we do not sell cameras and therefore only know a very little about them), this would make the focal lengths of the first two adaptors around 1000-1500mm for the zoom and 900mm for the PA-6. Kowa do note that vignetting occurs when using the PA-6 with a full sized CMOS sensor camera.

In addition to the photo adaptor, a T-mount is also required (Kowa call it a camera mount), this fits between the adaptor and the camera, these are around £35

We do not stock any of these items, delivery is usually about a week.

Hope the above makes sense!
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