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Opticron Monoculars

The Opticron U. T. A. (Universal Tele Adaptor) pushes on to the eyepiece of many items from the Opticron range, including their binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes.

Magnification is increased by 2.5x; a 10x42 monocular will become a 25x42 monocular, a 60x spotting scope eyepiece will be 150x.

When ordering, please email and indicate which Opticron product you need it to fit (if you have ordered from us previously, we will assume you will want it to fit your previous order)

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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This page updated: 16 February 2016
Opticron UTA 2.5x
Case / StrapNo
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10/04/2008 14:48:59
hi, do you know if an Opticron UTA could be fitted to a pre 1990 Optolyth TBS 80 spotting scope with its original 30xW eyepiece? If so i will order one. regards,richard.

eebc - Chris.
10/04/2008 15:35:59
I would very much doubt that an Opticron UTA would fit on any Optolyth products, particularly with it being so old (the eyepieces tended to be smaller back then).

The only way to tell for sure would be to try it, but as I said, chances are it will not fit.

10/04/2008 18:37:51
Thanks Chris,for your swift reply and frank advice.To persevere, possibly against the wind,the UTA is push-fit. my eyepiece is a straight 3cms tall by 3.8cms exterior diameter.if this comes any where near the internal spec. for the UTA i would still proceed.regards, richard.

eebc - Chris
14/04/2008 10:28:16
Sorry for the delay in replying, we have been hunting down something to measure the eyepieces with.

Both the Opticron BGA and DBA monoculars have an eyepiece with a 41.5mm diameter eyepiece, the UTA is designed to push on to these eyepieces.

With your eyepiece being smaller, the UTA would not grip onto it (it would so lo loose, it would fall off).

You may be able to modify the UTA simply by applying lots of black tape to make it a bit smaller.

More of a problem could be the distance from the lens in your eyepiece to the UTA. When using with the monoculars, their eyecup is retracted so the lens in the monocular eyepiece is only a couple of millimeters from the top of the retracted eyecup. Getting the eyepiece to UTA distance correct could be the major problem, too far or too near and you may not get a full field of view, or the image may even be out of focus.

14/04/2008 14:52:00
hi,Chris thanks for info.my eyepiece has minimal eye relief by todays standards and if i fold down the rubber eyecup the lens is also only 2 mms.below the top of the eyepiece which is also now slightly wider.
Could you please advise postage to Portugal as i would like to proceed.thanks, richard.

eebc - Chris.
14/04/2008 15:50:51
It sounds like it might work!

Shipping would add £5.00 to Portugal and normally takes about a week.

06/08/2016 16:14:52
How does this UTA compare in quality to the new 2.0 version? Is the reduction in magnification offset by an increase in optic quality?
Does the tripod adapter fit with the UTA in place?



eebc - Chris
06/08/2016 18:25:14
Having seen both the 2.0x and 2.5x UTAs I would say the old one was the better of the two.

The 2.5x really was too good to be true, somehow it did not seem to reduce field of view or image brightness. We only tended to look through it with the monoculars, perhaps if it was used on a wide angle spotting scope eyepiece, things may be been different.

The New 2.0x UTA, does reduce the field of view, which is actually what most people would expect. I have only tried it on bright sunny days and did not notice a reduction in image brightness, an overcast day or twilight may yield different impressions.

The monocular tripod adapters fit over the objective lens and stay there, they do not slide back into the middle of the monocular (otherwise they would interfere with the focusing)

We currently have the 2.0x UTAs, both the 8x and 10x DBA and BGA monoculars and the tripod mounts in stock, if you are anywhere close, feel free to come and have a look at them all put together.
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