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Kowa Spotting Scopes

Kowa TSN660 Series eyepiece, 20-60x zoom. The subject can be easily spotted at the 20x then for a better look the eyepiece can be zoomed to obtain the best image. Latest model with twist up eyecup.

Please note, the scope this eyepiece fits is waterproof, the eyepiece is not.

This eyepiece will also fit the older TSN1, TSN2, TSN3 and TSN4 scope bodies.

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This page updated: 11 January 2020
Kowa 20-60x eyepiece for TSN660
Field of View (°)1.9-1.0°
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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15/07/2007 09:59:56
You state the eyepice is not waterproof, are you sure, I have seen many sites say that it is? Afterall what is the point of having a waterproof scope and not the eyepiece?

eebc - Jamie.
15/07/2007 11:22:57
Until about two weeks ago, we ASSUMED that they were waterproof, but we had one returned full of water, sent it back to the suppliers who informed us that the only waterproof eyepieces for the Kowa scopes are for the new TSN770/880 series scopes.

Looking at the Kowa leaflets, it goes to pains to say how waterproof the scope bodies are, but at the bottom of the page where it lists the eyepiece details, no mention of waterproofing is made.

25/01/2010 17:28:35
Is this a wide angle zoom lense, or does kowa not do a wide angle zoom for the TSN-2.

eebc - Chris
25/01/2010 18:08:31
This is the only zoom eyepice Kowa are currently manufacturing that will fit the TSN2.

Considering it is a zoom eyepiece, the angle is quite good.

Brian L
31/01/2010 02:21:02
I have a striaght Kowa TSN-4 and a Nikon D90 Camera and would like to know about adapters etc. Can they be married up

eebc - Chris,
31/01/2010 11:51:51
The TSN1/2/3/4 scopes used the same eyepiece mount as the new TSN661/2/3/4 scopes, indeed many people have bought the new eyepieces for the older scopes and use them very successfully.

The SLR camera adaptor fits in place of the eyepiece (i.e. the eyepiece is removed and the camera adapter used instead)

I would assume that the SLR camera adapter for these scopes should fit the older 77mm scopes, however, I have not tried it (or know anyone who has).

Details of camera adaptors can be found on the Official Kowa Website
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