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Opticron Monoculars

The Opticron BGA Series monoculars are some of the most highly specified monoculars available.

At a show we did, someone looked at our wares and said something like "It's no good me looking at those, I can't see through any of them" whilst nodding at our stand. We grabbed an Opticron 10x42 BGA monocular, and replied "Humour us, try this". Apparently it was the first optical device he had ever looked at which he could see though, it came as no surprise to us, they are so easy to use and get on with.

Specification wise, you will not be disappointed, they are nitrogen filled, waterproof, have roof prism optics, fully multi-coated optics, fully internal focusing, have long eyerelief and twist-up, twist-down eyecups making the ideal for both spectacle wearers as well as those who do not wear spectacles.

Having 42mm objective lenses produces a very bright, clear and sharp image, with a good field of view. The colour transmission is good and give a true, vibrant image.

The Opticron BGA 10x42 is ideal for walking, nature viewing and general purpose viewing. The sizes are listed in the specification box, but it is roughly the size of the cardboard tube from the inside of a toilet roll (if anyone has a better object to compare it to, please email us!), this makes it very easy to carry. It is supplied with a case (with belt loop) and a carry strap.

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This page updated: 02 August 2022
Opticron BGA Waterproof
Field of View (°)5.1°
Twilight Factor20.49
Min Focusing2m
Eye Relief16mm
Exit Pupil Size4.20mm
Dimensions: HxW136x43mm
Case / StrapYes
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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Opticron UTA 2.5x £119.00

18/11/2006 13:10:02
Please quote me for the BGA Waterproof Monocular (10 X 42) complete with the X25 UTA Conversion including delivery costs to a mainland address.

Is the UTA Conversion easily and quickly fitted and removed allowing the monocular to be used in isolation for less magnification usage?

Is the kit supplied with lanyards, cases and lens caps to protect the optical instruments?

eebc - Chris
18/11/2006 13:25:46
The UTA2.5x costs £99.00 making the total £228.00

Shipping is free to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, British Commonwealth countries and the USA.

The monocular is supplied in a pouch with lens caps and a strap, the UTA is supplied in a pouch with lens caps.

The UTA simply and quickly, pushes on (and pulls off) the eyepiece of the monocular.

28/12/2006 13:25:00
Can you tell me how suitable this monocular would be for aircraft spotting.

eebc - Chris
28/12/2006 14:08:35
Aviation is a huge subject, aircraft can be at airports and fairly close, at displays they are close but fast and at altitude they are a long way off.

Aviation enthusiasts (as far as optics are concerned) tend to fall into two categories; those that want to see the aeroplane at 30,000 feet and all the others.

This monocular would be fine for most aviation uses, it has a good clear image and a wide field of view (which makes it easier to actually find the aircraft!).

For high altitude observation where the actual registration number is required, most observers at this range tend to use spotting scopes with very high magnification. With the Opticron BGA 10x42 monocular an experienced aviation enthusiast should be able to identify the type of aircraft.

Rob Mann
20/01/2007 08:59:00
Looking for a monocular to take on walks and for general spotting. Can t quite decided between the BGA Waterproof 10x42 and the 8 x 20 Gallery Scope. Does the better increased magnification of the 10 x 42 outweigh the ability of the added close focusing in the gallery scope?
Thanks for any opinions,

eebc - Chris.
20/01/2007 09:56:26
Thank you for your enquiry.

It all depends upon how much you intend to look at things between 0.3m and 2m (1 foot and 6 foot - roughly). A lot of people who buy the Opticron Gallery scope like to see the fine details in flowers etc.

10x would be more useful at long range, which would generally be the case whilst walking. It would also provide a brighter image which could be useful in poor light conditions.

Another thing to consider is physical size, whilst neither of the items is large, the Opticron BGA monocular is twice the size of the Opticron Gallery Scope. The Opticron BGA monocular is roughly the size of the cardboad tube inside a toilet roll (bad example, but it is roughly that size!), whilst the Opticron Gallery Scope is a little fatter than a packet of Polo mints.

Robert Task
15/05/2007 10:59:22
Does the BGA model use borosilicate (BK-7) glass or barium crown (BaK-4) glass in the roof prism.

eebc - Chris.
15/05/2007 11:50:59
Thank you for your enquiry.

The Opticron BGA monoculars use BaK-4 prisms.

21/01/2008 11:09:17
Good morning
I would like to purchase a pair monoculars for my partner as a present. I dont know anything about them. They would be used for general wild life spotting birds etc. He may also use them to assist with shooting - he goes lamping for foxes. Please advise
Thank you

eebc - Jamie.
21/01/2008 11:53:53
The Opticron BGA 10x42 monocular would be a good choice for someone who would be using it in dull conditions (dawn/dusk) as well as normal daylight - the 42mm objective brings a lot of light into the instrument and gives a good image even in dull conditions.

10x magnification is used by a lot of people for watching wildlife etc.

The only monocular better would be the DBA version.

19/05/2010 11:58:24
The advert says this is 10 x 42 but the picture and the box picture show 8 x 42. Which is it?

eebc - Jamie
19/05/2010 12:06:23
Thank you for your enquiry.

This product listing is as the specifications show - an Opticron BGA 10x42 Monocular.

We since both products are physically identical, we used the same photos for each listing.

I have been going through all the listings and taking different photos for each individual product, I will take a photo of the 10x and update the image as soon as I can.

Sorry for the confusion.

22/08/2013 20:41:00
What difference will I see if I bought this monocular rather than Visionary M10 (10x50) which is on sale at around a third of the Opticron BGA?

eebc - Jamie
23/08/2013 09:17:08
The Opticron has a sharper, clearer image and is physically a lot smaller than the Visionary.

Stu Gibb
19/05/2014 20:05:35
Hi - im interested in getting the BGA 10x42 and the 2.5 UTA for high level aircraft spotting. Is this the best product for that or can you recommend a better one? I currently have a Visionary MT60 (15-45 x 60) which is ok but the optics are quite poor beyond 25-30X mag. Im not bothered about mag beyond 25x but I do want to have a clear sharp image

eebc - Chris
20/05/2014 15:52:02
Sorry for taking most of the day to reply, but I wanted to try the monocular and the UTA and have a look at some aircraft to see what it was like.

Hand-held it was impossible, putting it on a tripod really helped. I also had problems actually finding the aircraft, I was getting steadily better at this when the clouds got in the way!

I compared it to a Visionary Airman scope (I am not familiar with the MT60 model), but the Airman is 15-45x60 like your scope. The scope was easier to find the aircraft, mainly due to finding it at 15x, then zooming in once found.

The monocular + UTA provided a sharper image and the aircraft looked better through this combination than it did through the scope. I was trying this mid-morning and there was a distinct heat-haze and atmospheric blurring, I could easily see how many engines the aircraft had, but due to the conditions, that was about it. I could just about make out some markings, but not knowing anything about aircraft liveries, I doubt if I saw enough to be able to discern which airline the aircraft belonged to. I think if I was trying it out on a cold winter morning, I would have been able to see much more.

I am not sure if I have been of much help with this answer.

Stu Gibb
30/05/2014 21:52:30
Hi again. Sorry to take so long to reply and you have indeed been a great help with your answer. Ive just placed an order with you for the BGA 10x42 monocular. I plan to order the UTA and tripod mount in due course. Thanks again for your help and advice with this - it was greatly appreciated as was your excellent customer service.

eebc - Chris
31/05/2014 13:43:27
Thank you for your reply and indeed order.

The BGA is a great monocular, when I was trying one out, an AWAC aircraft from RAF Waddington flew over - I could see lots of details, but then again they do tend to fly quite low around these parts!

11/08/2015 13:23:38
Can you confirm, in which country is this Monocular Made?

eebc - Chris
11/08/2015 13:50:53
The BGA monoculars are made in Japan.

06/02/2016 10:49:10
Hi thanks for the info on the other monoculars. Just wondering how this one compares to the 8x30 waterproof by opticron for durability. I understand it will have more glass and better viewing but for hiking in rough terrain(in Australia) is the 8x30 with its rubber armour a safer plan to stick to? Thanks for your thoughts.

eebc - Chris
07/02/2016 15:38:11
Optically, the BGA monoculars are much better than the 8x30, they have a brighter, sharper image than the 8x30 (or the 8x32), as you point out because of having more glass in the front.

Going off at a complete tangent, I am surprised the area of the objective lenses are never used for comparison purposes, the area of a 30mm is 706 sq.mm, whereas a 42mm objective the area of the lens is 1385 sq.mm about 40% bigger in diameter, but almost double the area of the glass able to gather light. Obviously this school maths (PI x radius squared) does not take account of lens coatings etc.

We have never had a BGA monocular returned due to damage, so they must be quite robust, however, I think the thick rubber armour of the 8x30 or the 8x32 must be an advantage for rougher use. I would also have a look at the Opticron 8x32 WP/LE, physically the same as the 8x30, but you do get a better image than with the 8x30

05/02/2017 13:09:16
Am newcomer to this game. What is the difference between BGA and DBA?

eebc - Jamie
06/02/2017 14:37:35
On paper they are very similar, but the DBA has a larger field of view (it may not sound much more, but it does make the monocular much easier to use) and much better optics.

The image is sharper, clearer and the colours are much more true to life.

The BGA monoculars are very good, but the better optics in the DBA give a better image.

If you are anywhere near Lincoln, we have them both in stock at the moment, if you wish to have a look for yourself.

Ernie Goodman
23/04/2021 10:49:43
Do you have the BGA Optictron 10 x 42 monocular back in stock yet? Thank you, Ernie

eebc - Jamie
23/04/2021 11:39:03
We have not got any at the minute, and we are down to only one of the 8x42 model. Hopefully we should be getting more soon.
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