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Zeiss Monoculars

Zeiss Conquest Monoculars, fit unnoticed into the pocket, as with the Pocket Binoculars, lower magnifications are ideal for the theatre whilst the 8/10x are ideal for walking, ornithology, general use etc., but these monoculars are less than half the size of the binoculars. All of the Zeiss Conquest monoculars are coated in smooth rubber, some of these models are exceptionally small and easy to carry and are now supplied with a leather carry pouch.

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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This page updated: 01 August 2017
Zeiss Conquest Mono
Field of View (°)6.57°
Twilight Factor12.65
Min Focusing3m
Exit Pupil Size2.50mm
Dimensions: HxW102x32mm
Case / StrapYes
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This item has discontinued accessories associated with it. We have decided to display these accessories in the table to the right. We regularly get asked for details of discontinued accessories, to be honest, we are not sure why, but hopefully clearly showing the discontinued accessories will be of help Discontinued Accessories for Zeiss Conquest Mono
Discontinued Accessories 
Zeiss Spare pouch for 8x20 mono £20.00

Sarah Kennedy
10/03/2007 13:04:12
Not sure between this or the Opticron DBA. Do you have any thoughts / suggestions.

eebc - Jamie
10/03/2007 13:18:10
The Zeiss monocular range are the best small monoculars we have seen, however the Opticron DBA monocular is twice the size of the Zeiss, this gives a brighter image which is better in low or bad light conditions.

It is a case of small and easy to carry vs bigger and better in low light.

04/06/2007 15:24:08
Do I understand it correctly that this Zeiss monocular is delived without any protective means like a case or pouch? In this price-range I would expect one to be included and not as a seperate accessory. 12 pounds 50 seams to me a lot of money for a simple pouch!

eebc - Jamie
04/06/2007 15:40:41
Thank you for your enquiry.

You are correct, Zeiss supply the monoculars without a pouch.

Only about half of the customers we sell the monoculars to actually buy a pouch. Of those that do not buy the pouch most indicate that they prefer the instrument to be quickly ready.

eebc - Chris
12/06/2007 14:49:50
UPDATE - Zeiss are now including a pouch with their monoculars for no extra charge.

19/07/2009 22:47:10
is this monocular waterproof/resistant? thanks

eebc - Chris.
20/07/2009 09:11:36
The Zeiss monoculars are not waterproof, nor do they specify any kind of water resistance.

Waterproofing would add to the weight and size, these Zeiss monoculars are very small and lightweight.

25/08/2009 14:35:29
Are these nitrogen filled and waterproof?
What is the focussing method?

eebc - Jamie.
25/08/2009 14:36:00
These monoculars are not nitrogen filled or waterproof.

Focusing is by rotating the eyepiece.
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