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Helios Monoculars

The Helios NitroSport are the latest addition to the Helios range of monoculars, available in either 8x25 or 10x25, both are lightweight, easy to carry and waterproof.

The 10x25 is a powerful and lightweight addition to any walkers equipment, it is ideal for long range work such as looking over valleys or at ships out to see. However it will focus fairly close, enabling it to be used for a wide range of activities.

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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This page updated: 28 April 2020
Helios Nitrosport Monocular
Field of View (°)6.5°
Twilight Factor15.81
Exit Pupil Size2.50mm
Dimensions: LxWxH50x109mm
Case / StrapCase
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02/06/2007 03:51:16
Is this scope powerful enough to spot arrows on a target 60M away.

eebc - Chris
02/06/2007 10:59:02
10x magnification will make the arrow appear 6m away.

Most archers and target shooters tend to go for at least 20x magnification, many go for a full spotting scope with something like a 20-60x zoom eyepiece.

At a minimum, I would suggest 20x, we have sold a few 20x50 monoculars to archery enthusiasts and (so far) never had any complaints. Illusion have a 20x50 that can be found Here

16/10/2008 13:41:01
I am wondering about this product for use by children in school groups - how robust is it?

eebc - Chris.
16/10/2008 14:46:40
As optical products go, the Helios monoculars look to be fairly robust. We have never had one back for repair (but this could just be people being careful).

The rubber covering is fairly thick, so should absorb most knock or bumps. Monoculars are generally much more robust than their binocular equivalents.

I would think that these monoculars should be OK, but kids can be a little harsh at times!

A. Woodward
07/09/2010 13:56:41
I would like to purchase a monocular as opposed to binocular to take to the horse races in Hereford. Please comment on the suitability of this Helios product or recommend a product that you stock that would be more fitting. The monocular could be either with neck or wrist strap and within the price range of up to around £50.

Many Thanks


eebc - Chris
07/09/2010 14:37:20
We sell a lot of monoculars to race goers, mainly because of their ease to carry.

I would suggest an 8x product, they tend to have a slightly wider field of view, which makes following the action a bit easier.

The Helios one would be idea - if we could actually get any (we ordered them in May)!

We have ordered some new waterproof Opticron monoculars (Opticron Trailblaser), they come as 8x25 or 10x25. I do not know the exact price yet, they are somewhere around £40. The are expected tomorrow/Thursday and should be on the website by the weekend.

I will drop you an email with links to the new monoculars as soon as we get them and put them on the website.

Claus Nicolaisen
21/02/2012 13:52:59
Shipping cost to Denmark
total cost Helios Nitrosport mono plus shipping. Pls.

eebc - Chris.
21/02/2012 13:57:58
Due to their lightweight there is not much difference between the internal UK price and Airmail to Denmark, so we would not (currently) charge any extra to send this item.

29/03/2013 12:05:57
I a. I have am wondering if the nitrosport monocular would be suitable for wildlife watching? I have a bridge camera and cannot manage anything too heavy. i don t get on well with binoculars

eebc - Chris,
30/03/2013 13:28:31
A lot of people use monoculars in preference to binoculars simply due to the weight of the latter. They can take a little getting used to, but most people take to them quite easily.

The Nitrosport monoculars are ideal for looking at wildlife and general use. They are not as good as a full sized pair of binoculars in low light, but they are a lot easier to carry.

We have them in stock, so if you are anywhere near Lincoln, please feel free to drop in and try them.

barry Stansfield
28/12/2013 15:26:47
I am partially sighted, my need is to read bus numbers or train departure times ets, would you consider this a suitable product? Can it survive being constantly carried in a pocket?

eebc - Chris
28/12/2013 16:02:03
Thank you for your enquiry.

The Helios monocular should be ok, but I would go for the Helios 8x25 one instead - the 8x gives a slightly brighter and sharper image, admittedly, there is not much between the two models, but I would think the slightly better image would be of more benefit than a little more magnification.

They should be fine to carry around in your pocket, both models come with a case, however if you did not want to use it, the front lenses are slightly recessed to reduce the likelihood of scratching, although in the fullness of time I would think if they were rattling around with keys, change etc, that they would get scratched in the end.
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