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Slik Tripods

Slik are the best tripods we have used in conjunction with spotting scopes and large binoculars, this tripod/head combination has a maximum load of 13lbs (6Kg).

The Slik D3 Master Classic has a multi-action head, which enables the user to move the head both horizontally and vertically by just loosening the handle, we have found this method the best available for both aviation enthusiasts and bird watchers.

Everyone who looks and feels this tripod seems to like it, at some of the shows we do, it sometimes gets more attention than the scopes on top of it!

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

Price shown includes VAT and SHIPPING for this item to: Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 03 November 2019
Slik D3
Head TypeMulti-action
Leg sections3
Legs BracedNo
Length Folded650mm
Max Height1630mm
Leg tipsRubber
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06/07/2007 11:29:22
I have an TBG100 scope, will this tripod be suitable?

eebc - Chris.
06/07/2007 11:36:14
Yes, the Slik D3 tripod should be fine for a 100mm Optolyth scope.

If you are close to Lincoln, bring your scope and try it on one.

n white
05/02/2008 09:15:13
Slik D3 is this tripod good for Helios 3.7ks binoculars

eebc - Chris
05/02/2008 10:17:52
Weight wise, the Slik D3 should be fine, the manufacturers say it can take 6Kg.

I have not tried a pair of the big Helios binoculars on one, so can not comment how well the binoculars balance with this tripod. If you are close to Lincoln, feel free to bring your binoculars and try it, we currently have the tripods available from stock.

van bogaert
03/11/2010 21:19:23
can i put another head on the tripod instead of the one now ?

eebc - Chris
04/11/2010 10:54:13
The head can be removed (it just unscrews), this leaves a standard tripod thread on top of the legs, which will accept most other heads.

The Slik D3 tripods can only be purchased as a full tripod (legs+head)

van bogaert
04/11/2010 11:19:44
ok, the head can be removed , and withs screw is on the tripod for attaching the head , is this 3/8" ???

eebc - Chris
04/11/2010 11:24:58
The screw that the head attaches to is the smaller "standard" 1/4"
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