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Cobra Image Intensifiers

Ultra-compact, lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to hold, the Cobra Optics Nemesis™ offers a tactile, suregrip plastic bodyshell and, for extra protection/grip, partial rubber armouring.

Featuring a premium grade Gen 1 image intensifier tube (IIT), the Nemesis™ has a built-in, short range infrared (IR) illuminator for use in very low light and total darkness. A green LED next to the viewfinder indicates when the image intensifier tube is switched on while a red LED indicates when the IR illuminator is switched on.

A double tripod socket is built-in as standard and can accept accessories from the Yukon range. A belt mountable case is included.

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This page updated: 15 December 2020
Cobra Nemesis
Field of View (°)20°
Dimensions: LxWxH155x61x84mm
Focus Range1m+
Max Rel. Range135m
Batteries1 x CR123A
Case / StrapYes
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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03/02/2016 11:26:49
It is just a fancy monacle?

eebc - Chris
03/02/2016 12:05:20
No, a monocle is an eye glass for one eye.

This is a monocular image intensifier. Monocular being used with one eye (as opposed to a binocular version which would use both eyes).

An image intensifier, unlike traditional monoculars or binoculars has no light-path from front (objective lens) to rear (eyepiece). It is more like a video camera, a lens, a load of electronics in the middle, and a screen just behind the eyepiece to show the image.

What little light there is goes in, get amplified or intensified by the electronics and then is shown in the eyepiece.

Image intensifiers can only be used in very low light, moonlight is ideal. Whereas the human eye could probably see quite well looking over fields under a bright full moon, if you wanted to see a fox under a hedge it would be almost impossible, an image intensifier will take what light there is and allow you to see the fox. There are limits, the item shown on this page is good for distances up to 100 metres or so, other units are more sensitive and can see much further (but are much more expensive)
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