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Opticron Accessories

For binoculars without tripod mounting bushes an Opticron binocular clamp may be used, this fits around the bridge between the right and left sides of the instrument.

On the bottom of the clamp is a standard 1/4" Whitworth tripod thread.

Diameter of clamp when fully closed: 12mm, opens to about 20mm.

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This page updated: 03 June 2022
Opticron Centre focus mount
Dimensions: HxWxD60x32x15mm
Case / StrapNo
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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13/05/2007 10:52:54
Will this work with a pair of Clubmann 8x30 binoculars which are very old.

eebc - Jamie
13/05/2007 11:12:59
If the binoculars look like the image shown on the right of our binocular information page (click here). Which have a finger-sized bridge in the middle, then yes, the Opticron Centre Focus mount will clamp around the bridge and allow fitting to a tripod.

Josef Holzbecher
23/08/2010 14:16:46
Please advise whether this Opticron mounting bracket will fit a Zeiss Telarem 18 x 50 porro type binoculars.
In particular, what is the width of the bracket clamp - possible snagging on the bins.
Also, your website text does not advise how mounted on the tripod, does it fit with a 1/4 inch stud ?

Thank you.

eebc - Jamie.
23/08/2010 14:29:36
I do not know if it will work with a pair of Carl Zeiss Telarem binoculars, we do not have any to try it on.

It does fit on the Carl Zeiss Jenoptem range of binoculars which look to be the same shape/design, but the only way to tell would be to try it.

The width is 32mm from shoulder to shoulder.

Yes, you are correct, the mount has a 1/4" Whitwork thread in the bottom to mount to a tripod.

james dunn
24/01/2015 19:26:48
Will this fit a Simmons x20 rifle scope?

eebc - Jamie
25/01/2015 13:39:51
No idea, we do not sell any rifle scopes.

If you are in the area, feel free to drop by and we will try it.

25/08/2017 13:13:30
Will this fit a pair of swift 8x5x44 binoculars

eebc - Chris
25/08/2017 16:56:34
Most Swift Audubon binoculars had the tripod thread on the front, between the two objective lenses, in which case a Opticron L bracket should do the job.

On a couple of the Swift models, the thread was hidden by a spring loaded pin that pushed back when you screwed the L bracket in.
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