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Opticron Accessories

For binoculars with the tripod socket mounted in the front of the instrument, a right angle bracket is usually required to attach the binocular to a tripod.

This bracket will attach to roof prism binoculars where the standard L brackets are too large to fit between the lens barrels.

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This page updated: 03 June 2022
Opticron L Bracket Roof Prism
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22/03/2008 14:06:18
It this what I need to put a pair of swift audunon on a tripod?

eebc - Jamie
22/03/2008 14:12:42
If it is the Swift Audubon 8.5x44 HHS (the roof prims model) then yes.

If you have the porro prism Swift Audubon models, then the standard small L bracket will be OK.

Brian Tollisen
31/05/2008 14:09:59
I have recently purchased Sakura 10 x 90 x 80 zoom binoculars. Looks as though fitting it to my camera tripod will secure better results. Would you say the Opticron L bracket roof prism is what I need? There seems to be a gap of approx. 35mm at the front between the two barrels where the bracket would attach. Is this sufficient?

Many thanks

Brian Tollisen

eebc - Chris.
31/05/2008 15:05:32
We do not sell Sakura binoculars so can not try a bracket on them to see.

The width of the L bracket is just over 25mm, so it should fit as long as the binoculars have a standard thread in the front of them (I can not see why any manufacturer would put a non-standard thread on, but it does occasionally happen).

Once the bracket is attached to the binoculars, it then screws on to all consumer level tripods.

19/02/2010 17:40:27
Is this the bracket I need to put on a pair of Inpro BC3 (20x60) binoculars?

eebc - Chris
19/02/2010 17:56:09
Its a while since we sold Inpro 20x60 binoculars, but no, this is an L mount for roof prism binoculars (our fault for the confusion, I really must get around to taking different pictures of the three different L mounts)

Whilst it would probably be ok, the Opticron Large L mount would be a stronger and more stable bracket.

12/12/2011 11:19:30
Would this bracket be suitable for mounting a pair of Helios AM-E4 8X42 s on a Hama Star 63 tripod?

eebc - Chris,
12/12/2011 11:42:21
We do not stock that particular Helios model, so can not actually try it, but it should fit.

Just remove the tripod bush cover on the front of the binoculars and this should screw straight in. Then fit to the tripod.

Michael Creswell
22/02/2012 10:30:52
Will this bracket fit my Bushnell 10 x 50 288ft 1000yds, field 5.5 degree?

eebc - Jamie
22/02/2012 11:53:51
We do not sell any of the Bushnell 10x50 binoculars, but as long as it has a tripod mount in the front (between the two lens barrels) then this L mount should be OK.

21/12/2012 13:30:13
Do I need this mount for a pair of Hawke Premier binoculars please?

eebc - Jamie
22/12/2012 12:28:10
Yes, this should do the job.

We do not stock the Hawke, so can not try it, but it looks like it should fit ok.
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