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Opticron Accessories

For binoculars with the tripod socket mounted in the front of the instrument, a right angle bracket is usually required to attach the binocular to a tripod.

The Opticron L Mount Large is for binoculars with an objective lens upto 60mm (x60).

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This page updated: 03 June 2022
Opticron L Bracket Large
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16/08/2007 22:29:41
I have a pair of Helios 20x60 binoculars, I think the model is Kronos, is this what I need to attach to a tripod?

Thank you.

eebc - Jamie.
17/08/2007 13:31:18
No the Kronos binoculars do not have a tripod thread in the front of them.

An Opticron Center Focus mount will fit on the centre hinge and allow the binoculars to be fitted to the tripod.

m f valentine
24/07/2009 20:41:24
I have a pair of Minolta7x-21x50 binoculars. Is this the bracket I need to mount to tripod? Thankyou.

eebc - Chris.
24/07/2009 20:42:45
Yes, there should be a cap covering the thread on the front of the binoculars (between the two front lenses).

Just remove that and screw one of these in and put them on a tripod.

20/01/2012 12:14:02
I have Sunagor 15-60x63 binoculars. Would this bracket be suitable although the object lens slightly exceeds the stated maximum? Thanks

eebc - Chris.
20/01/2012 12:16:43
It should be OK, the only way to tell for sure would be to try it, but I am confident it will be fine.
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