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Spotting scope cut-away [19Kb]

Spotting scopes are essentially large monoculars. With a large objective (front) lens and larger prisms than in binoculars or monoculars a much clearer image is obtained. Higher magnifications are also made available due to the larger optics.

Spotting scopes, sometimes called 'Prismatic Telescopes', due to the higher magnifications usually used, need to be supported in someway, usually on a tripod. (Note, all of the spotting scopes we offer can be used on a standard camera tripod.)

Magnifications vary depending upon the specific application of the user. The magnification is set by the eyepiece. A large number of spotting scopes are sold 'body only' (ie without an eyepiece) this enables the user to only buy the eyepiece (and hence only the magnification) that they will actually need.

Zoom eyepieces are also available and with the large optics of the spotting scopes very good images can be obtained. A zoom eyepiece is certainly worth considering due to their greater flexibility.

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